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UN Library Event "What's trust got to do with Migration?" - A Human Library

 On May 11th IIMA attended the event entitled “What’s trust got to do with Migration?” at the UN Library, in which the guests shared their personal stories, each focusing on issues related to migration and the importance of trust-building.

The initiative was opened by Cornelio Sommaruga, Honorary President of Initiative of Change International (IofC) who stated the importance of consolidating and revaluating human security relating to integration in the global phenomenon of migration.

This initiative was animated by the participation of Leonard Doyle, Spokesperson for the International Organization for Migration (IOM); Melissa Fleming, Chief Spokesperson for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees; Jens Wihelmsen Member of IofC Norway; Imad Karam, Executive Director of IofC International; Huruy Gulbet, Eritrean Refugee, student in Geneva.

This “trust building activity” was captivating and interactive: the distinguished guests were arranged into separate groups in five corners of the room, and told to share a chapter of their personal “Human Book” in ten minutes to the audience. Each participant listened to two different stories and was able to ask questions.

Melissa Flemming, as Head of Communication in UNHCR which operates in 120 countries providing shelter and help for over 30 million people who have fled wars and persecution, has known the stories of many refugees; she told us that the best way to increase empathy and support for refugees and the forcibly displaced is to tell their personal stories.
For this reason, she has described in her last book “A hope more powerful than the sea” the life of a Syrian refugee, Doha who passed through Egypt, Greece and across Europe to arrive in Finland, staying four days at sea and saving the lives of two children.

The author also stressed the importance of helping the refugees in their home countries.

Another “Human Book” was Imad Karam who was engaged in different capacities in the work of Initiative of Change.
Dr. Karam grew up in Gaza City, Palestine and moved to the UK in 2002 where he completed a PhD degree on the impact of the media on Arab youth identity.
In his personal experience there aren’t recipes for integration, but it is a process to build upon, and it is important to create spaces where different people can come together in peace.

The event ended with a mutual exchange of opinions with the audience and Stefani Buri concluded thanking everyone for their active participation.

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