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On this blog, you may follow our main activities with the United Nations and its mechanisms for the protection and promotion of human rights, as well as news from the UN bodies and IIMA offices in different countries related to the right to education.

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Interreligious Service for Peace “No longer slaves, but brothers and sisters”

Buddhists, Jews and Muslims joined Christians to pray and reflect on Pope Francis’ message for the world day for peace 2015 titled “No longer slaves, but brothers and sisters” at an interreligious service, held at Saint Nicolas de Flüe Church in Geneva this past January 19th.
A warm message from Mgr. Richard Gyhra (First Secretary of the Permanent Mission of the Holy See in Geneva) commenced the ceremony that welcomed the representatives of the distinct faiths and guests to reflect about the negative connotations that slavery denotes, as well as extending an invitation to promote and work towards peace. Invocations delivered in six languages called upon respect, solidarity, and fraternity across geographical and spiritual borders.


The Charlie Hebdo attack from a Human Rights Perspective

 “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood”. After the terrorist attack against Charlie Hebdo’s headquarters in France last January 7th, there are no better words to help us reflect on the appalling nature of such events than those encompassed in the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UNDHR). If we, as a global community, wish to build a peaceful, democratic, and safer world, the notion of these inherent and inalienable rights must be placed at the center of our struggle.


Adoption of the UN Child Rights Resolution on Children Deprived of Liberty

On December 2014 the Child Rights Resolution of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), requesting for a Global Study on Children Deprived of Liberty to be carried out, was formally adopted. This was also achieved thanks to the efforts and mobilization of Civil Society. IIMA and VIDES contributed to support the campaign calling for such important Study.The text of the Resolution is available at http://www.un.org/ga/search/view_doc.asp?symbol=A/C.3/69/L.24/Rev.1