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Oral Statement, Item 6 of Italy and El Salvador

During the 28th session of the UN Human Rights Council (March 2nd to 27th, 2015) IIMA and VIDES contributed to the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) of Italy and El Salvador with a Joint Oral Statement for each country during item 6 (UPR - consideration of outcomes). Other NGOs, including local NGOs, supported both statements.
IIMA and VIDES took the opportunity to express satisfaction in seeing that both countries accepted most of the recommendations relating to the protection of children’s rights, young people and women; especially those in most vulnerable situations (migrants, Roma, unaccompanied minors, and children/youth living/working in the street). Recommendations were given to enact effective measures in order to combat violence against women and children, promote the right to education for all children, combat unemployment and underemployment for youth and women, ensure the recompilation and dissemination of national data relating to children living and/or working on the streets, and reinforce national policies pertaining to child labor.

A call on both Member States was made advocating for concrete actions reflecting on national policies and programs.
[To access Oral Statements videos follow the link below. Proceed to minutes 39:11, and 26:54 respectively to see them directly.]

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